Airforce Do.A.P. Emergency Services Search And Rescue As Well As New Radios

Now lets talk about the head unit and power for your new audio equipment. There are many options with a head unit and today's technology provides a wide selection of music formats. New gadgets and devices like iPods and Mp3 players with UBS inputs play back smooth skip free music. Most of the new stereos have satellite radio and HD radio capabilities, again the options are endless especially on a larger craft (i.e. video, TV, Bluray, etc.).

If you're a car club, icom radio club, after school club, or other club, is it important to you to show off your hobby? Why not create a logo and see if your clothing can be a talking point, or help you to get new members?

Podcasters range from the amateur to the professional. There are lots of companies out there now that have specialized in Podcasting to cash in on this new medium of entertainment. You can send in your podcast as you produced it, or you can use a professional Podcasting studio to help you. It's big business now! There is a podcasting company located in Atlanta, GA called Peachpodstudios. You can go to them or they can come to you. Their studio is state of the art. Peachpodstudios uses a digital recording system (Yamaha AW4416 with 24 bit 48 KHz) that provides top quality recording capabilities.

The next step would be the wire connections and routing. The 12 VDC wire from the boat battery is the most preferred for the VHF icom marine radio. The wire used should not be smaller than the 14 gage. A standard wire should also be used to ease the installation process as well as the affordable cost. Special attention should be paid to the connection method when splicing the power wires. The spliced wires should be sealed to prevent short circuits. It would be even better if adhesive line shrink tubes were used. They offer more protection from short circuits which can lead to electrocution or malfunction.

Bill - They are called "BalloonSats" (Balloon Satellites) and I am considered the pioneer of these types of experiments. There are dozens of groups in the US now and around the world who fly these "BalloonSat" weather balloon experiments. We do many school experiments from elementary level on up to college level. Quite a few universities now fly weather balloons with student experiments.

Then, Glassman made a deal with Good News icom communications General Manager Doug Martin to implement every idea I offered as a reason to hire me. I did not have my college degree yet.

During the second and third launching of the space shuttle Columbia, Sally was the communications officer who was responsible for communicating messages from mission control to the space shuttle crew. She was also on the team that designed the remote mechanical arm that the crew used for the purposes of retrieving or deploying satellites.

The Chesapeake Bay has a muddy bottom almost everywhere, and so do the tributaries draining into it, which makes them a stubborn enemy for a keel-boat but forgiving none-the-less. I learned my lessons well, though, and knock-on-wood I haven't run aground since - - - and Davie Jones, Poseiden and King Neptune willing, I won't again, soon.

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